Trumpet Warm Up

This is rather a big topic.


I am just going to show how I warm up. Usually I do it with my students and it takes only 5-10 mins


It mainly consists of 3 exercises:




It is a warm up exercise introduced by my teacher Prof. Edmund Cord from Indiana University. It is played with “high” vibrato in purpose, in order to reduce the pressure from the mouthpiece to the lips. The embouchure is basically very relax and the vibrato is mainly created by the right hand. And meanwhile it should be played in one breath, slur, and very smooth. Focus on the sound. It is also a good idea to play the same thing on mouthpiece once after. It can be transposed up or down if time permits.  Try to get the “ring” sound from the bell.

這個練習是我的老師 — 美國印第安納大學 Professor Edmund Cord教授的。特點是很多的震音!目的是令到吹奏時嘴型鬆弛。高度的震音完全是由右手制做的。吹奏時要一口氣完成,而句子要連結、流暢。號嘴跟嘴唇的壓力要減至最少。吹完一句之後可以用號嘴重複。要留意音色及需感覺到小號的共鳴感。如果時間許可,可移昇或降半度練習。


Intervals. Again it should be slurred and be very smooth. The last “F” is a “fake” note on trumpet. I try to play it as loud as possible and sound it the same as those “normal” notes. The last octaves is an indicator for showing the embouchure if it is too lose to get the low F, or have to tighten up to get the high F. The aim is to always keep the same embouchure for either high, mid and low register. Always keep the air flows

音程練習。主要亦是要連續及流暢。特別一提的是最尾的Low F音,不是小號的音域範圍內的音。但吹出來要注意音色要跟真實音域內的音一樣。最後的三個八度的連音,是嘴型壓力的指標:不應為了吹低音而過份鬆弛嘴型;及不要壓嘴或夾緊嘴唇上高音。經常留意要有流?的空氣流動。


(Double) Tonguing. I start with a descending Bb (concert Ab) major scale. It is played with “Ku” – “Tu” – “Ku” – “Tu” – “Ku” —- as syllable. And pay attention to the last whole note, full sound and focus. Usually I end up with an Arban double tongue exercise.

吐音(雙吐)練習。我由Bb (concert Ab) 向下開始。用 “Ku” – “Tu” – “Ku” – “Tu” – “Ku” — 發音。需要留意最後的4拍長音音色是否集中及飽滿。通常我亦會加插一段 Arban 的雙吐練習作總結。

There are some more exercises for warm up, eg, scales, slurs, fingers…. Lets share them next time. Share your thoughts, or your warm up exercises here in the comments below 🙂


如果大家有任可意見,歡迎發表及硏究 🙂

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