Plunger mute DIY

Some how I lost my plunger and I need one for my coming gig.

Therefore, I DIY my own one. 🙂

I got it in a kitchen’s tool shop for only HK$14, which is about US$2. 😉

Basically the “blow” itself can be served as a plunger already. However, I would like to make some modifications.

Add some holes on 2 sides.

and then attached a strap on it so that it will be easier to carry.




I got a small host from aquarium.

It acts as a cushion and looks better.


Mouthpieces Try Out

Thanks my friend in Europe who got me some toys.
Here I have made a try out of those trumpet mouthpieces.

Something old, something new.

1. Monette PranaMonette

I have been using this Monette for many years already, It is very big and has a very deep cup. The special thin, cutting end of the shank makes it sounds very different from normal non-Prana Monette mouthpieces. Compare with those non-Prana Monettes it  produces a much clear tone, much “ring” sound and easily to gain control thus much easier to change the colour. It is wonderful! (!mouthpieces/ck0q)


2. GR

GRIt’s projection is impressive! You can use the minimum effort to produce the maximum sound out of your horn! The tone colour is very even in different registers, thus saves a lot of endurance. I think because of this many local trumpeters like it and using it. Besides, there are many many different options for different parts of the mouthpiece, other than just size of the rim, cup, throat and backbore. For more details, please check it out at GR’s official homepage. (


3. Jun’s Renaissance Brassworks

JunBy comparison Jun’s Renaissance Brassworks (I call it simply “Jun’s”) is less famous than those I mentioned above and among with Bach, Yamaha…etc., because it is a self DIY Brand. All mouthpieces are hand-made! Now more and more brass players in Japan are using it because of its unique sound. I like its projection,  which is quite different from the GR. I think the combination of my Jun’s on my Yamaha YTR9335CH MkII is just perfect! 🙂


Now, some new ones, hehehe….

4. Schagerl Apredato

It is a very clever design! Change of the timbre of the mouthpiece by filling water into it, what a genuine construction! The idea of it is, when you play into the mouthpiece, the mouthpiece itself is also vibrating at the same time thus energy is wasted. Now with the water inside you will not need extra energy for this energy consumption. My Schagerl Apredato sounds round and I can change my tone colour easily. I wonder if I can use other liquid, such as red wine or champagne in the mouthpiece for different sounds! 😉 Cheers! (


5. W.H.F.WHF

This is the first time I have heard of this mouthpiece. It is from Austria. The mouthpiece itself is detachable. Like the GR, you can modify a lot of different parts, e.g., the inner, outter rim’s size, width, and shape, The inner cup is also detachable (here I used a titanium cup). The shank is also interesting: the “cutting” shape of the shank makes me feel the vibration passing from my embouchure goes into the horn. Thus I feel the whole trumpet is “ringing”. (

My test playing on those mouthpieces, Hope you like it:

1. Monette B11S5 Prana — 00:08, 00:21
2. GR C#1  —  00:54, 01:08
3. Jun’s Rennaissance Brassworks Model 1  —  01:43, 01:56
4. Schagerl Apredato 1 1/2C  —  02:32, 02:46
5. WHF EV7 – Titanium cup – L  —  03:20, 03:45


All comments welcome! 😉


I started up my own page.gears1

Started from scratch, I bought a domain name (, built a server at home, installed OS, router, LAMP, wordpress…. so many things to learn! And it is FUN!

In this page I would like to share my life, my hobbies, and my music.

Feel free to
leave comments. 😉